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Golden Detector The first company in the Middle East!

offers the best water detector in Oman and the latest underground water detectors for a a large depth up to 1200 meters underground with warranty 5 years, free shipping to Oman and cash on delivery.

If you want to have the ability to search for groundwater within the deepest underground depths, The Fresh Result groundwater Detector is the best tool that enables you to achieve your goal with less effort and proven results.


After selecting the type of underground target that you need to search for from the menu, you can choose the front search range by a switch that is used to adjust the desired range. The front range of the device (500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 meters) and the underground search depth of the device reaches up to 600 meters.


Good news for farms owners and agricultural lands with Farm Life device specialized in the exploration of groundwater springs and wells, Now You Can Save effort and money and discover the groundwater with real results 100%


The River F Plus is the latest device for detecting groundwater using the sensor system through the guidance screen to detect groundwater and underground artesian wells, the device search underground depth range reaches up to 1200 meters and the front search range reaches up to 3000 meters

River F Plus

For the first time, Geo Seeker Is a water detector That uses the imaging scanning system to give the user of the device an electromagnetic image of the underground water to ascertain the existence and depth of the target GEO SEEKER works on detection techniques by measuring soil resistance through geochemical measurements.


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